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FAQ How to Set Up Email For Calypso - Version 3.3

Calypso - Version 3.3
  • Open Calypso and click the Create New Mailbox button.
Calypso Tutorial - Start page

  • Click Next on the Information Screen that pops up.
Calypso Tutorial - Proceed to Configuration Screen

  • Type in any Name to identify the mailbox and click Next.
Calypso Tutorial - Set preferences

  • You can skip the require pw for mailbox screen and click Next.
Calypso Tutorial - Passwords

  • Check the box to make Calypso your default mail client. Or you can choose not to. In any case, click next to continue.
Calypso Tutorial - Properties

  • Enter any name of the email account where specified.
  • In the real name box type your real name.
  • In the email address box type your full email address. Click next.
Calypso Tutorial - Settings

  • Choose POP3 as the type of mail server.
  • For user ID type your full email address.
  • For the name of the incoming mail server use mail.dialup4less.com
Calypso Tutorial - POP Settings

  • Type in the password for the mail account. Select Remember Password and click Next.
Calypso Tutorial - Incoming mail server username and password

  • Choose the option to either delete mail off the server when downloaded or to keep a copy.
  • Note, keeping a copy may render the mailbox full is not emptied on a regular basis.
  • Click Next to continue.
Calypso Tutorial - Delete message after it is retrieved

  • Type in the name of the SMTP server (mail.dialup4less.com) and click Next.
Calypso Tutorial - Name outgoing SMTP server

  • Click Finish. You have successfully set up Calypso for email.
Calypso Tutorial - Finish!

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