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FAQ How to Set Up Mozilla Thunderbird Mail

Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Open Mozilla Thunderbird and select Email Account.
  • Click Next.
Thunderbird for Windows Set-up - Email Account

  • Type in the name you want people to see when you email them under the yourname box.
  • Type in your email address in following box (username@dialup4less.com).
  • Click Next.
Thunderbird for Windows Set-up - Set name and email address

  • Select POP.
  • Type mail.dialup4less.com for incoming and outgoing mail server names.
Thunderbird for Windows Set-up- Set Server locations

  • Type in your username without the @dialup4less.com and click Next.
Thunderbird for Windows - Username

  • Type in an Account Name. It can be anything. Click next.
Thunderbird for Windows Set-up - Name your Email account

  • Your configuration will be displayed. Click Finish.
Thunderbird for Windows Set-up - Verify setting and start downloading

  • Click the Get Mail button to begin downloading your email.
  • You have now configured Mozilla ThunderBird for use.
Thunderbird for Windows Set-up - Get New Messages

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