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Backup Dial-Up Internet Plan

There is nothing worse than if you are a merchant that has to process credit card transactions and suddenly - your broadband Internet connection goes down. Transactions can't be processed. The ability to continue to process transactions might take a little longer but it's 100% better than losing business. Dialup 4 Less offers a solution to this problem in the form of a low-cost reliable dial-up Internet backup connection for your point-of-sale processing devices. With nationwide coverage in the US and Canada, it is economical and sensible to maintain such a failover backup solution. If you are a business processing credit card transactions, or are processing any type of mission critical data, you simply can't afford to be without it.

Internet Failover Backup Accounts:
  • Transaction Processing
  • Remote Internet Connection For Data Monitoring
  • Don't Lose Sales!
  • Reliable and Affordable
  • Nationwide and Canada Coverage
  • A Great Failover Backup Internet Solution

Need A Broadband Failover Solution?

If you think that a Dial-Up solution might not be enough, then please check out our sister company...

Please contact one of our Sales Representatives to discuss your particular requirements at 888-818-0444.

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