Dialup 4 Less
Dialup 4 Less
Hawaii Dial-Up Internet Access Numbers We have dial-up Internet numbers for the area codes in Hawaii: 808

Dialup 4 Less is a nationwide ISP offering dial-up Internet access throughout the United States and Canada. We have over 7000 access numbers throughout the country. Listed below are the dial-up numbers for Hawaii. We have access numbers in all of the major cities in Hawaii including Honolulu, Hilo, Kailua, Pearl City, Waipahu, Kahului, Kihei, as well as more remote smaller areas of Hawaii. The list below is not completely exhaustive. If you do not find a local access number below please contact our office at 888.818.0444 as there is a good possibility we have a number for your area in Hawaii.

Hawaii Area Codes Served

808 Area Code

Hawaii Dial-Up Internet Access Numbers

Dial-Up Internet Location Dial-Up Internet Number Dial-Up Zip Code
Big Island, HI 808-930-1661 96710
Kauai, HI 808-240-1661 96746
Lanai, HI 808-568-1661 96763
Maui, HI 808-270-1661 96713, 96732, 96793
Molokai, HI 808-660-1661 96729
Oahu, HI 808-441-0111 96701
Oahu, HI 808-791-1661 96709
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The dial-up numbers above are the local calling numbers according to the latest information that we have available. They are not guaranteed to be a flat-rate local call. That determination can only be made by your local telephone provider. All information returned here should be verified with that provider before it is used. Before you use any dial-up number for Internet access, you must contact your local telephone service provider to verify if the number in question would be a toll-charge call for you.

You can reach your local operator by dialing "0". Let the operator know the telephone number that you are dialing from and the number that you are dialing to. The operator will then verify whether or not the number is a toll-charge call for you. It is your sole responsibility to verify this information. We are not responsible for any charges you may incur.