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Dial-Up Email Questions

Frequently Asked Email Questions

How many email accounts do I get?

Our older unlimited plan came with 1 free POP email account to use. You can access these accounts using either our web based mail client or an email client such as Outlook Express or Eudora.


Will I be able to use Email programs such as Outlook Express?

Yes, you will still be able to use Outlook Express and other email programs with our service. To configure your email program, follow the instructions listed on our Email Support Page.


Will I still be able to use my other email accounts?

Yes, you will still be able to use your email accounts at other providers. You will need to set the Outgoing server to ours, mail.dialup4less.com. This will not affect the email you send out. Your incoming email for these other accounts will remain the same.


How can I check my email from other locations?

Using our Web Based Email you can read and write email from any computer connected to the Internet.


Do I need to be connected to read and write email?

No, you can write a message offline, connect, then send the message. This will free up your phone line while you write your messages. To do so, in your email client (ie: Outlook Express) open the program, and choose the "Work Offline" option. When you go to send the message, you will be given the option to connect. In our WebMail, you can use for example a program, such as Microsoft Word, to type the message, and then Copy and Paste the message into our interface when you connect.


What is the maximum size attachment I can send?

There is a 10MB maximum limit on the size of an attachment you can send.


What is the limit on the amount of messages I can have in my mailbox?

Your mailbox is limited to 50MB of storage space. However, when you read your email in most email clients it is downloaded to your computer and removed from the server freeing up your storage space on the server.


I periodically send out emails to very large groups of people, is this allowed?

Yes, provided that you are not sending Spam you can email to as many recipients as you would like to.


Do you block port 25?

Yes our service by default blocks port 25. Port 25 is commonly referred to as the smtp port. However, if you require access to a particular smtp server we can make special arrangements for you without a problem.


Please contact one of our Sales Representatives to discuss your particular requirements at 888-818-0444.

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