Dialup 4 Less
Dialup 4 Less
FAQ Will I be able to use my existing Instant Messaging program and/or Email account with your service?

Our Internet Service is designed to allow you to use all forms of internet communication. Many ISP's, such as AOL, have instant messaging programs built into them. In this specific case you would need to download and install the AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) program to continue using that specific service. In most cases your screen name and passwords do not even need to change!

Many email providers also allow you to keep their email addresses. Hotmail, MSN, and Yahoo are examples of this.

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FAQ How do I contact Dialup 4 Less?

There are many ways to contact us. For a list of phone numbers, email addresses, and contact information for Dialup 4 Less please visit our Contact page.

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FAQ How do I sign up for Dialup 4 Less?

Just visit our Sign Up page, and fill out our simple one page order form, and your account will be activated within minutes.

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FAQ Can I use my Dialup 4 Less account while traveling?

Yes, we have an extensive coverage area across the USA, and you can freely roam throughout our coverage area and chances are, we will have an access number where ever you may be.

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FAQ Do I need to download software to access Dialup 4 Less?

NO! With our service there is no special software required! Simply visit our Support Page to see how to setup your computer to get connected to Dialup 4 Less.

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FAQ Can I use Dialup 4 Less if I have a Macintosh or Linux computer?

Yes, we have no restrictions as to what operating system you can use to connect with. With our service there is no special software required for you to download. For specific configuration settings, please visit our Support Page.

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FAQ Is your service unlimited?

Yes, our Unlimited plan has no time limit with regard to hours spent online. There is no 150 or 200 hour limit like some other companies have with their "unlimited" plans.

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FAQ Do you have a Dial-Up 800 number for Toll Free Dial-Up Internet?

Yes, we do offer a toll free 1-800# dial-up Internet Access for our customers. Their is a small surcharge of $0.05 per minute to use the toll free 800# for those that require a dial up 800 number to have toll free Dial-Up Internet Access.

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FAQ Do you have local Internet access numbers in Canada?

Yes, we have an extensive list of local access numbers throughout Canada. Please visit our access numbers page and click on the province in Canada you require Internet access in.

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FAQ How do I cancel my current ISP?

Listed below are some hard to find phone numbers to cancel service with the major ISPs.

  • To Cancel Earthlink call 1-800-890-5128
  • To Cancel AOL call 1-888-265-8008 or Fax 1-801-622-7969
  • To Cancel AT&T Worldnet call 1-800-400-1447
  • To Cancel CompuServe call 1-800-848-8990
  • To Cancel MSN call 1-800-386-5550
  • To Cancel Prodigy call 1-800-213-0992
  • To Cancel NetZero call 1-866-841-1442

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