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Privacy Policy
Dialup 4 Less.com strongly respects the privacy of its customers. We will NOT give out your email address and/or personal information to any 3rd party individuals or entities, with the exception if Dialup 4 Less.com is acquired, it may have to provide this information to the purchaser of the business so that they can continue providing Internet service to you.

Dialup 4 Less.com does not monitor your email, world wide web use, or any other aspect of your Internet usage while using our service.

Some Dialup 4 Less.com web based services such as our webmail service may use "cookies" to allow our customers to use these online services.

Dialup 4 Less.com reserves the right to revise, or modify this privacy policy, as well as any other policies and agreements at any time. Notice of any revision, amendment, or modification will be posted on our website and in accordance with our terms and conditions.