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Dialup 4 Less Access Numbers

Area Code and Prefix (555) 555

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Technical Dial-Up Questions

Frequently Asked Technical Questions

My computer does not have Internet access, how do I get started?

You can sign up from any computer connected to the Internet, (the Library, at work, or a friend's house).


What are your DNS (Domain Name Server) addresses?

You do not need to enter any DNS servers, they will be obtained automatically when you log on to our network.


How do I transfer my existing service to a new or second computer?

You simply would follow our detailed instructions on our Support page to setup your second computer to connect to our service.


I have a 56K Modem, how come I cannot connect at 56K?

All of our access numbers are V90/56K. However, you will never connect at 56K, this is a theoretical speed. In reality, analog throughput is limited to a maximum of 53kbps per FCC regulations and in real live conditions speed may be lower and fluctuate.

The connection speed is very dependent on the phone line quality, the hardware/software and the environmental conditions. You should try different access numbers in your local calling area, in addition to trying to connect again and see if you get a better speed at a different time. The time of day may affect the speed you connect at as well.


I have a Macintosh / Linux / Playstation 2 / WebTV etc. Can I still use your service?

Yes, there are no restrictions on what operating system or device you use with our service.


I have a PDA or a Pocket PC. Can I still use your service?

Yes, you can use our dial-up Internet service with your PDA or Pocket PC.


How will I know if someone calls me while I am online?

Our service does not have an answering phone system built into it. There are programs such as CallWave - which allow you to see if someone is calling you. This program and other programs are available over the Internet for download.


Does Dialup 4 Less Support v.92?

Yes, Dialup 4 Less is pleased to support v.92 on nearly all of our DialUp Access Numbers.


Is Dialup 4 Less Windows Vista compatible?

Yes, Dialup 4 Less is 100% Windows Vista compatible. You can use Dialup 4 Less as your ISP for your computers that run Microsoft Windows Vista.


Is Dialup 4 Less Linux Compatible?

Yes, Dialup 4 Less is Linux compatible. You can use Dialup 4 Less as your ISP for your computers that run on Linux. Our customers use both KDE and Gnome successfully with our service.


Does Dialup 4 Less support MultiLink?

Yes, Dialup 4 Less fully supports multilink or dial-up aggregation. You simply would have to purchase an account for each line you wish to use. If you want to use two phone lines simultaneously you would purchase two accounts.


Please contact one of our Sales Representatives to discuss your particular requirements at 888-818-0444.

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