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Refer-A-Friend Dial-Up Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Dialup 4 Less Refer A Friend Program?

Under the Dialup 4 Less Refer A Friend Program, current customers of Dialup 4 Less may earn one month of Free Internet Access for each person they refer to become a new Dialup 4 Less customer. In order to qualify, a new customer must enter the Dialup 4 Less Referring Customer's DialUp 4 Less email address on the Sign Up form during the sign up process. The new customer must also remain an active Dialup 4 Less customer for 3 months.


How much do I earn for referring a friend as part of the Refer A Friend Program?

A Referring customer will earn one month of Free Internet Access for each New Customer they refer who satisfies the program requirements.


What are the conditions that a New customer must meet so that I can earn a month of Free Internet Access?

A qualifying "New Customer" is a new customer who:

  1. Signs up for either the Unlimited or one of the PrePaid Dialup 4 Less plans.
  2. Provides the Dialup 4 Less email address of the current Referring Customer during the sign up process.
  3. Pays for service and remains an account in good standing for the first three months following sign up. Current or former customers are not considered a "New Customer".


Where should my friend enter my email address, indicating that I referred them to Dialup 4 Less?

Your friend should enter your Dial Up 4 Less email address in the "How Did You Hear About Us" box during the sign up process."

No referrals, corrections or updates may be provided after sign up is completed.


When and how will I receive my Free Internet Access?

Once a New Customer you referred has satisfied the program requirements, Dialup 4 Less will provide you with one month of Free Internet Access in the following calendar month.


Please contact one of our Sales Representatives to discuss your particular requirements at 888-818-0444.

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