Dialup 4 Less
Dialup 4 Less
FAQ Dial-Up Internet Setup for Windows 95 / Windows 98

Create a New Dial-Up Networking Connection

  • Double-click the My Computer icon.
  • Double-click the Dial-Up Networking folder.

My Computer set-up screen

  • Double-click the Make New Connection icon.

Windows 95 / Windows 98 Set-up - Dial Up Networking

  • Under Type a name for the computer you are dialing, type Dialup4Less

  • Click the Next button.

Windows 95 Set-up  - Make a new Connection

  • In the Area code and Telephone number boxes, type your Dialup4Less number.
  • Click the Next button.
  • Click the Finish button.

Windows 95 Set-up - Area code and phone

  • To create a shortcut to this connection on your desktop: right click on the Dialup4Less icon and click Create Shortcut. (An error message will pop up saying that windows can’t create a shortcut here, would you like to create one on the desktop instead, click yes.)
  • Next, in the Dial-Up Networking window, right click on the Dialup4Less icon and click Properties.

Windows 95 Set-up - networking Properties

  • Click the Server Type button. (Or click the Server Type tab for Windows 98)

Windows 95 Set-up - Select Modem type

  • For Type of Dial-Up Server, select PPP: Windows 95, Windows NT 3.5, Internet.
  • Uncheck Log on to network.
  • Check Enable software compression.
  • Uncheck Require encrypted password.
  • Uncheck NetBEUI.
  • Uncheck IPX/SPX Compatible.
  • Check TCP/IP.
  • Click the TCP/IP Settings button.

Windows 95 Set-up - Type of Dial up server

  • Select the Server assigned IP address button.
  • Select the Server assigned name server addresses button.
  • Check both Use IP header compression and Use default gateway on remote network.
  • Click the OK button.

Windows 95 Set-up - IP Settings

  • Click the OK button.

Windows 95 Set-up -

  • Click the OK button.

Windows 95 Set-up - Configure

  • To Connect, Double Click your newly created Dialup 4 Less Icon
  • Enter in your username (make sure to put “@Dialup4Less.com” after your username ie: username@Dialup4Less.com)
  • If you are on the Limited Plan you must Enter in @“limitedDialup4Less.com” after your username ie: username@limiteddialup4Less.com to be billed correctly!
  • Enter in your Password

Windows 95 Set-up - Check this address carefully to make sure you pick the right account type!

  • Click on the Connect button and start surfing the net!

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