Dialup 4 Less
Dialup 4 Less
FAQ Dial-Up Internet Setup for Windows ME

Create a New Dial-Up Networking Connection using Windows ME

  • On your desktop, double click the My Computer Icon
  • Double Click the Control Panel icon
My Computer set-up screen

  • Double-Click the Dial-Up Networking icon
Control panel screen

  • Double-Click the Make New Connection icon.
Dial up networking screen

  • Click the Next button
Welcome screen

  • Type in a name for the internet connection (i.e. Dialup4Less)
  • Then select your modem name from the drop down menu
  • Click the Next button
Make a New Connection

  • Type in the Local Access number that you will be using to connect to Dialup4Less
  • Click the Next button
Make a New Connection 2

  • You have now created your Dial-Up Networking connection.
  • Click the Finish button
Make a New Connection 3

  • In the Dial-Up Networking window, right click on the Dialup4Less Dial-Up icon
  • Click Properties
See your new connection

  • Under the Networking Tab
  • Under Advanced Options, make sure the “Enable software compression” is checked, and that “Record a log file for this connection” is not checked.
  • Under Allowed network protocols, make sure that “NetBEUI” and “IPX/SPX Compatible” are not checked, and that “TCP/IP” is checked
  • Then click on the TCP/IP Settings button
Configuration screen 1

  • In theTCP/IP Settings window, make sure “Server assigned IP address”, and “Server assigned name server addresses” are selected
  • Also, make sure that both “Use IP header compression” and “Use default gateway on remote network” are checked
  • Click the OK button
Configuration screen IP Address

  • To create a shorcut on your desktop, right click on the Dialup4Less icon and click Create Shortcut
  • Now, in the Dial-Up Networking window, double click on the Dialup4Less icon to connect to the internet

  • Enter your username. Be sure to add “@Dialup4Less.com” after your username. (Example: username@Dialup4Less.com) Then type in your password
  • If you are on the Limited Plan you must Enter in @limitedDialup4Less.com after your username ie: username@limiteddialup4Less.com to be billed correctly!
Connect To Screen

  • Click the Connect button to log on to the internet

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